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The Experience

Creating beautiful images should be a fun process and the end result should be art you want to share with everyone and hang on your walls. Before each session, we will discuss all the details - location, attire, expectations and desired images. During the session, I'll guide you through poses, but give you leeway to be yourself and be comfortable. My sessions are very much focused on capturing you and your moments. If you are wanting all strictly posed, look-at-the-camera pictures, I am probably not the photographer for you. I focus on capturing emotion, connection and personality with an artistic flare. These are your moments, let's document them together!

Not only is Lisa one of the most talented photographers I've ever worked with, she's by far the most fun! She has an amazing eye for detail helps you look your best even under less than ideal situations (we got stuck in a rain and wind storm in one of our shoots, yet she made it work and we ended up with absolutely stunning shots.) 

She also helps guide you, so even the most unphotogenic person feels and looks natural and amazing in the shots. We look like we are having a great time in our photos, because we were! And our shots are so "us," Which really makes them special.

- Laura     

Lisa has the best eye for capturing beauty in any and all situations! She was able to capture such beautiful pictures of my family in the midst of utter chaos- that is two kids 2.5 years old and 10months old.  


She is great with giving great direction and is truly just amazing at what she does!


- Lindsay

Lisa is so laid back to work with and has an eye for the tiniest details that will make a photo perfect.


Her photography style is elegant and pure; couldn’t be happier with how our session turned out.

- Michaela

Let's have fun documenting the beauty in your life. Contact me to book a session. 


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Text  - 619-799-9933