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A Tribute to the Woman Who is Mom

A Tribute to the Woman

Who is Mom

This collection is my first photojournalism project and one that’s very dear to me, as a mom of two small boys. It was born out of a conversation with a friend, as we discussed my photography career and how it fulfilled an important need of mine to have my own passion and interests, despite being a full-time mom.

After more than a decade of being in the workforce, being a stay-at-home-mom was a humbling experience. And although I loved being with my boys, they were so demanding and it was difficult to feel a sense of pride and personal accomplishment after a day of screaming and diapers and toddler antics. Photography opened a new avenue for my creativity and a way to learn, grow and achieve.


My friend had continued working as well, and agreed that her work kept her engaged, focused and driven. Being a mom, while amazing and unparalleled to any other role in life, isn’t always enough. It was during that conversation I thought it would be wonderful to capture women in their role as mom, but also as amazing women - achieving and thriving in various aspects of life.


“I knew I would never be a good stay at home mom,” Saige Yonika explains. “I love my work too much.


(But I) decided a few months after having my first boy and going back to work that I didn’t want to be away from my child ten hours a day anymore. So I decided to work from home.”


Fortunate for Yonika, her career and skillset allowed her to develop her own graphic design business.


There are so many options for mothers these days, from traditional nine-to-fives to work-from-home roles, MLMs and part-time roles or just taking time to pursue a pastime or hobby that allows them to have an identity outside of parenting.


“We live in an ever-developing world where being a female no longer means you are stuck at home with kids, but that you have a choice,” Kat Cox, who serves as a Naval Aviator, says. “You have flexibility and you have freedom to achieve your dreams and still be an amazing mother to your children.”


While Cox certainly doesn’t look forward to an upcoming deployment, she says you will never find her wasting a moment without her family and baby girl. 


“I just constantly have to remind myself that I’ve never arrived and that I can always give more, love more and try harder."


And every mother is unique in her journey, her needs and how she finds fulfillment. By featuring mothers who pursue their own interests while raising small children, it is in no way minimizing the mother who finds joy in parenting alone or hasn’t discovered the ability to balance personal passions with motherhood. 


Rather, this is a way to celebrate women who are admirable in their own right, as well as in their roles as mothers.


Through this project I’ve met such inspirational women. It’s been an honor to capture them pursuing their passion and loving on their babies.